S E A N Levahn

Updated: May 30

STYLIST. With decades of experience in the beauty (15 years) and wellness fields (30 years), I am uniquely qualified to invite you to experience the atmosphere of mindfulness and a wellness centered hair experience that I have created for you.

I am passionate about my chosen craft and career and strive to create a unique experience where my clients can feel relaxed, taken care of, beautiful, and ready to face the world.

I specialize in haircoloring as well as haircutting all types of hair. I am comitted to using cruelty-free (no animal testing) products as well as searching out organic and healthy product lines from haircolor to styling.

My "hair philosophy" is very simple. Treat my clients and your hair like GOLD! The Integrity and feel of your hair is my most important goal. I am an HONEST hairdresser and I am ON YOUR SIDE!

I am looking forward to seeing you in my chair and treating you to a cup of tea, a scalp and hand massage, and a thorough hair consultation to meet your desires! I want to to leave my chair feeling relaxed, pampered, calm, and ready to face Life!

IG: @unifyhair

WEB: www.seanlevahn.com



" If you show him a picture of what you want: he talks to you about why you want it; what you see in it that makes you admire it. In other words: he tries to do exactly as you ask. And spends a lot of time making sure he understands the aesthetic of what you're looking for. Once you're both are on same page, he meticulously sets out to marry what you want with what is realistic. It IS ARTISTRY. "

- Nikki